Choosing the right Walking Cane

Choosing the right Walking Cane

Choosing the right Walking Cane

When we talk of cane people think that it is just for elderly people. A cane can be very useful for anyone who needs additional support due to balance issues, limited mobility, weakness in your leg due to arthritis, or recovering from surgery. In all these cases you will need some assistance for walking so Mobility Aids by CaneCraft on The Wellness Store gives you many options to choose from. The use of a cane can improve your balance, give that stability you need for walking, reduces the risk of falling, and also allows you to be independent. While walking, most pressure is exerted on hips, knee, ankles, and feet so these assistive canes decrease the weight on your lower part of the body and distribute that weight over the shaft of the cane for you to walk comfortably.

While there are different types of mobility accessory in the market, choosing the right type of cane for you is very important. In this article, we will guide you about different types of canes which can be helpful for you to choose the right one according to your needs.

Below you can find details about different parts of the walking stick for better understanding and help you choose the right one.

Different types of Canes:

1. Single Point Cane – 

This is a standard cane with a single tip at the base that is easy to carry around and works well with a folding option for convenient storage. It is the best option if you are aging and have difficulty in balancing yourself while standing or walking and provides stability when recovering from injury. Apart from using this stick for health problems, some are designed to make a fashion statement to match your outfit on special occasions.

2. Quad Cane

As the name suggests, it has four tips at the base that provides extra stability than a single tip cane. Also known as 4 pronged walking cane, it has a sturdier look that is majorly used during rehabilitation when recovering from knee or ankle injury where you need more support on the floor for better grip. Quad cane comes in two sizes. The small base is lighter so easy to carry and use on stairs while the large base provides more support than the small base but could be difficult to carry around due to its heaviness. Since a large base takes a little more ground area it could be risky to use on stairs.

3. Folding Cane

 Some may resist purchasing a walking stick worrying about storage problems and need to hold it in your hands always when you go from one place to another especially while traveling in a car or a two-wheeler. For them folding cane or collapsible cane is the best option which is becoming a very popular cane. It helps in your health recovery and also solves your storage issue as the size can be reduced to 10 inches. They fold up in 4 parts that don’t take too much space and are easy to even keep in your handbag. For secure storage, a belt with a carry case is provided so that the cane doesn’t unfold.

4. One-Push Button Cane

Generally canes come with height-adjustable options in 1-inch increments with an anti-rattle lock that more or less solves the height adjustment problem. However, with this adjustable cane, you can adjust the cane height as desired, perfectly matching your comfort. Just like how you adjust the telescope length for a perfect view, the same way with just one push button you can adjust the height.

Which material to choose for your walking cane :

Once you understand which type of cane you are looking for, the next important aspect of purchasing a cane is its material. It is the cane shaft or body that takes a load of your weight so picking the right material according to your size and weight is very crucial. There are a variety of materials to choose from like wooden, metal, aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber. Here we will only discuss longer running materials in the market.

• Aluminum: 

This is a popular choice for most people due to durable lightweight material that can hold the weight up to 250 lbs. Aluminum is water-resistant making it non-corrosive so the cane can be used for all-weather purposes. It is easier to decorate the cane’s shaft and CaneCraft gives you the option to buy many uniquely designed patterns on the cane which you can carry for parties or special occasions.

• Steel: 

Mainly designed for bariatric users, this heavy-duty construction gives added strength to the cane body holding the weight of up to 500 lbs helping them to move tension free from one place to another.

• Carbon Fiber: 

One of the strongest materials for the cane is the Carbon Fiber which is non-flexible so the chances of it bending are very less when more pressure is exerted. From CaneCraft you can buy this ultra-lightweight Japanese carbon fiber material that has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. It is a great option for those who need a stronger cane for more stability.

Type of Handles: 

Other than the material the only difference you will find between the canes is the handle type as each is shaped for different purposes. Most of our handles come with a strap on the handle or shaft so that the cane is always within your reach. Whether you are looking for a handle that has a comfortable palm grip or suits best for your weak fingers, the below guide should solve most of your queries.

Round Handle

Mostly known as Crook or J shape or tourist handle, this round handle type is one of the most common ones. Many like it for its elegant look as this has been in use for many centuries. With the hook design, you can hold this can on your arms or hang it on the chair. However, it can be a little uncomfortable to hold it and feel hard on your hand. Those who still want to go with this handle type can soft foam grip for more comfort. CaneCraft offers a slim round handle option as well better suited for ladies who prefer a sleek handle.

Fritz Handle:

It is easy to grip the Fritz type handle which is becoming an ideal option for those with arthritis. Also known as the Derby handle, it almost looks like T shape but with a more ergonomic curve on the handle for a comfortable hold minimizing stress on your hand and fingers.

Offset Handle:

This type of handle is designed to distribute your weight along the shaft decreasing strain on your wrist. Shaped like a question mark, offset canes are ideal for those who have arthritis in the hip or knee and occasionally need to decrease the weight borne on a painful lower extremity.


By the name of this handle type, you would have guessed its design. Often called a straight handle, it gives you a better grip reducing hand fatigue. 

Orthopedic Handle

Normally made of plastic or gel, an orthopedic handle is ideal if you have arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. It is more of a modified offset design that provides additional support and relief from pain when used for a longer period. CaneCraft One-push Button Cane comes with an orthopedic handle.


Need for grips on handle:

Grips on the handle provide extra comfort to your hand as you will be holding the stick for a long time when going out. It also adds to the look of your cane. Let us know more about various handle grips.


This antiperspirant material is the softest of all materials and by holding it you will realize the high level of grip it provides causing no pain to your hands or fingers.


Made of silicon gel-type material, this grip not only looks stylish but also helps reducing stress and fatigue in your hand.

Soft rubber: 

These grips are water-resistant and last for a long time. With rubber quality chances of the hand slipping from the handle is less.


This long-lasting plastic grip is latex-free providing very a supportive hand grip. It gives a glossy look to your cane.

Cane Accessories:

While canes can help you with your mobility, it is the cane tip that provides you safety, stable support and prevents you from falling on sloped surfaces due to its soft rubber grip. We have advanced special accessories that can fit on all types of canes and you can also upgrade your cane from single tip base to quad base if you need added stability with your balance. Rubber tips help preserve the cane’s durability and appearance. It is necessary to replace your cane tip for safety purposes even if slightly worn out after prolonged use. Some of the cane tip types we offer are as below:

a) Regular cane tip

It is a single rubber tip at the base of the cane that provides a firm grip even when the cane is touching the ground at an angle.

b) Quad cane tip

This is similar to the regular tip but placed on individual legs of the large base quad cane. Because of 4 rubber tips, it gives you extra grip, especially on the slippery surface.



c) Small base plastic quad cane tip: 

This tip is made for quad canes with a small base as the size is different providing a strong grip.

d) Self-standing cane tip: 

This lightweight sturdy tip allows you to navigate on all terrain and with its compact design you can use it safely on stairs as well. It can fit on any cane converting it to a one that can stand by itself.

Now that we know about different parts of the cane, one question that would arise in your mind is how to choose a cane that is perfect for your height. The answer is simple, stand as straight as you can, and measure the distance between your wrist and the floor. The stick should be of the same length. However, make sure your arms are slightly bent when holding the cane for better blood circulation and a comfortable walking experience.


A proper cane and its tip can provide you that additional security and help you do your daily routines independently. You should carefully look at all the mobility aids option available before buying a cane because a poor choice due to negligence can be very dangerous. Browse our website to look for different options that are available for you.

Information provided on The Wellness Store blog is not intended as a substitute to medical advice or care. The Wellness Store recommends consulting a doctor if you are experiencing medical issues or concerns.

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