Steel Adjustable Rollator With 6-Inch Wheels, 300 Lb Weight Capacity

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Breeze Steel Rollator is one of the best rollators at an affordable price. It has four wheels and comes with a padded seat so you can sit and rest whenever needed making it the best option for who want comfortable walking aid with a seat. This upright walker is made of strong steel allowing weight capacity of 300 LBS. Click-lock brakes are provided for firm holding that are quick with adjustable handle height between 32” and 37”. It comes with a pull strap to help close the Rollator for easy storage. To keep your personal items there is a pouch below the seat.

    • Recommended for those who have difficulty in lifting regular walker. It reduces fatigue in the hand due to ergonomic design of the handle and uses less energy of the user as Rollators are easy to move around. It is also a better option for those who need some help with stability and balance.

    • Easy maneuvering. Its 6” four rotating wheels are easy to use indoor even on carpet or outdoors making the ride very smooth.

    • Strong steel material. The steel is corrosion-resistant making it long lasting and it can withstand upto 300 LBS of weight capacity.

    • Brakes for locking the mobility. With this feature you don’t have to worry about the Rollator going away from you if not using it especially on slightly sloped surfaces or bother you with its movement while sitting on it.

    • Padded seat with storage option. There is a leather-padded seat with backrest for seating and relaxing along with a pouch for security of your personal items.

    • Folding mechanism. Our Breeze Basic Steel Rollators are foldable for easy storage.

    • Easy height adjustment. Adjust the handle height from 32” to 37” in 1” increments as per your comfort to suit your height.

    • Variety of colors. Available in three colors – Blue, Red, and Black.

Handle Height 32" - 37"
Seat to Floor Height 20”
Seat Width 12”
Seat Depth 12”
Width between Handles 17”
Weight capacity 300 LBS
Casters Size 6”
No. of Wheels 4
Unit Weight 16.7 LBS