Infrared Thermometer

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Our Infrared Forehead Thermometer has a high-quality sensor that takes temperature measurements within 1 second from a distance of 2 inches without even touching you. With the use of our non-contact thermometer you can reduce cross-contamination risk. Our Forehead thermometer also alerts you in different colors backlight blue for normal temperature, purple for low fever and red for high fever. The one-button operation gives you an instant reading in 1 second on the big size LCD screen in large size digits. It also comes with the features of auto turn off power, 9 sets of memory value, and easy switch of degree reading.

    • Result in less than 2 seconds with high accuracy. With the high quality sensor, our reliable Infrared Forehead Thermometer measures accurate body temperature within 2 seconds at a distance of around 2 inches with a beep sound for reading completion. Apart from body temperature you can also check object temperature.

    • Advanced quality sensor. The arched reflector can seize enough infrared rays from your body and filter other kinds of rays, and then focus the infrared ray onto the sensor. This gives you a stable testing result.

    • 3 backlight color for fever warning. If the temperature reading exceeds 37.8℃/100.4℉, this thermometer for fever will alert you in red backlight color on the large LCD screen. If you have mild fever then light will change to purple and if your temperature is normal then it will show in blue backlight color.

    • Easy switch of degree reading. You can easily switch between °C and °F which makes it more convenient for you.

    • One button operation and memory mode. One button operation allows for measuring forehead temperature quickly and easily. You can also store 50 memories value if you wish to know your past readings.

    • Auto turn-off power. The machine turns off power automatically if unused for some time.

Measuring Range (Body Mode) 34.0°C - 43.0°C (93.2°F - 109.4°F)
Measuring Range (Object Mode) 10.0°C ~ 50.5°C (50.0°F ~ 122.0°F)
LCD Size 1.02” x 0.90”
Battery 2 AAA batteries