Lullaby Double Electric Breast Pump

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The Lullaby Double Electric Breast Pump is a lightweight, compact and convenient to use pump that is an ideal pick for mothers who pump several times a day and need a pump they can take anywhere. With its double pump design, it can yield more milk in less pumping time. Pump both breasts at a time or pump from each breast in turns—you choose! The Lullaby breast pump’s super-soft flanges are ideally sized to create a cushioned seal for a gentle, comfortable, and effective pumping session. A hygienic system design keeps breast milk from backing up into the tubing and makes sure it flows straight from breast to container. The other features that Lullaby offers are memory function, simple controls, fully customizable, etc.

    • Compact and portable. With a compact and lightweight design, this portable double breast pump makes breastfeeding easy, allowing moms to conveniently express milk almost anywhere.

    • Ideal suction. The breastfeeding breast pump’s suction flanges are soft to the mother’s skin and create a cushioned seal for a gentle and comfortable pumping experience, replicating the baby’s natural two-phase sucking action.

    • Anti-backflow design The unique anti-backflow system ensures the milk won’t flow back into the tubing or other parts like a pump to maintain hygiene for your little one. With a Lullaby breast pump, you can count on pumping the freshest and cleanest milk for your baby.

    • Quiet and discreet pumping Designed for discreet expressing, this double breast pump electric unit makes your pumping experience quieter than ever before. With a quieter operation, it can be used anytime, anywhere without drawing unwanted attention.

    • Travel with you It is equipped with an external battery pack for convenient pumping wherever and whenever needed. The secure bottle design allows moms to store their breast milk long-term without losing any of its natural beneficial properties.

    • Simple controls This electric double breast pump features an easy-to-use digital LCD back-lit display screen with real-time visual status, speed and suction controls, breastfeeding modes, and an on/off condition.

    • Memory function Perfect for busy moms, this breast pump will remember the last used mode and level settings every time you turn it on for use.

    • Fully customizable Every mother can choose from 25 adjustable custom speeds and suction settings to personalize her pumping session as per the body’s response and comfort.

    • Hygenic and easy to use All the included Lullaby breast pump accessories are made from medical-grade, BPA-free material. Cleaning the breast pump accessories is simple and quick as they are designed for easy assembly & disassembly. Most parts are dishwasher safe making cleaning very easy for you.

A/C Adaptor Input 100-240V~50/60Hz, Output 9V-1.6A
Stimulating Velocity 90T/min
Stimulating Intensity -0.012MPa (Max.), 3 adjustable degrees
Suction Velocity 35-63T/min, 5 adjustable speeds
Suction Intensity -0.024MPa (Max.) 5 adjustable degrees
Noise ≤ 60dB (A)
Operating Conditions 5~40°C, Rh ≤ 90%
Electronic Protection Class II
Applied Party Type Type BF
Water & Dust Protection Class IP 32